Stressless, a brand distributed by GEP Chaussures


The STRESSLESS brand has been sold by GEP since January 2013. The range of footwear for men and women is designed especially for you.  Each foot is different so to answer to your comfort needs the STRESSLESS technical team has researched an insole to suit any shape. This memory foam insole improves shock-absorption.  It instantly moulds to the sole, the foam hugs each pressure point to support your feet and stop any rubbing. STRESSLESS Men also provides a range of casual shoes with removable insoles that you can replace with other soles, even orthopaedic ones, so you keep the right space for you.

For Men: the brand goes back to basics with a classic and timeless collection ideal for wearing in both summer and winter. GEP decided to provide its customers with year-round products with the option to order the collection when it’s back in stock. STRESSLESS also has a casual collection with cleated sole boots such as the rubber USUEL model. We love its leathers with personality, the blend of fabrics and colours and of course the brand’s signature blue that you can see piped on the city models and more obvious on the casual ones.

For Women: STRESSLESS brings casual into its collection with city slick and casual cool. We love the embellished uppers, fashionable studs such as on GERTY and criss-cross straps that nail fashion and comfort.

STRESSLESS is with you everyday

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