LIBRE COMME L’AIR, a brand of GEP Chaussures

«  A women’story… »

The journey began in 2010 as a major project to fulfil women’s desires and the joy of designing a current collection that’s easy to wear and suitable for any age. LIBRE COMME L’AIR doesn’t stick to trends but puts its own charming and imaginative twist on them, blends styles and reinvents itself every season. Our collections burst with colour, embossed, aged, brushed and coated leather, a bouquet of flower prints, comic strips and wildlife. They gleam with metallic, silver and bronze.  There’s always a dash of originality on our soles and heels, wedge heels coated in micro-perforated leather for lightweight comfort plus heel heights to wear all day long.

Check out the must-haves on this season’s IT LIST such the BRAHMS or the BINIC with its fashion-forward floral print for the season.

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