The company


It’s the story of a region, the story of men and women, the story of a talent.

Etablissements Pasquier Frères was founded in 1907 in Maine et Loire, a traditional hub for footwear and textiles. The company employed 30 labourers in 1910. It had 220 labourers in 1925, around a hundred of whom worked from home. In 1950 the company adapted new production technology whilst developing vulcanisation and injection moulding in 1957. 3 new production sites opened between 1962 and 1970 and the merging of several departments in 1971 led to the founding of GEP GROUPE PASQUIER which in turn founded GEPY (children’s shoes). Franchise shops began to open in 1977. 1987 was the high point for the group which employed 1600 people and produced 6 million pairs of shoes a year. LA FOURMI was bought out in 1995 but the opening of international markets crippled the group. A new team from GEP Industries decided to take over the company in 2007 with a focus on service.

Commitment, service, agility and versatility.

20 people now work on-site to produce prototypes, samples and collections, sales throughout the network by an 8-strong sales team, the selection and  management of raw materials, follow-up on production in Tunisia, Portugal and India, quality checks in each of these countries, on-site logistics in our warehouses. Commitment, service, agility and versatility are our strong points.